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Laser Skin Treatments



Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is a gentle laser treatment for wrinkles and sun damaged skin.  This no-downtime procedure is appropriate for the face but also for the chest, neck and hands or anywhere that sun damage shows.  Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is a non-ablative, non-invasive procedure. The surfaced of the skin is not damaged or removed. The gentle lasers correct pigmentation irregularities and encourage new collagen growth to smooth out existing wrinkles.

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is a wonderful, cost effective alternative for patients who want a more youthful appearance without needles, cosmetic surgery or weeks of recovery time. Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation can also improve sun damage age spots on hands, neck and chest.

Acne Laser Treatment- Activate Your Body's Natural Defenses
Using Laserscope's FDA approved green laser, light is delivered through the skin's surface triggering the body's natural bacteria fighting defenses. These defenses kill the problem causing bacteria significantly reducing the severity of current and future breakouts.

Laser Hair Removal
The old fashioned ways of removing hair shaving, tweezing, creams, and waxing are time consuming and don't last. And although electrolysis can permanently remove hair, it is an extremely slow and painful method. But you don't have to settle for out-of-date solutions. Now you can obtain long lasting results with laser hair removal treatments. The laser is a safe and effective way to reduce unwanted body and facial hair. We even provide a two-year guarantee for hair reduction.

Shaving Bumps No More!
Our Gemini is the first laser FDA approved for hair removal in all skin types.  Gemini is also the first and only treatment FDA approved for the treatment of shaving bumps. Prior to Gemini, dark complexion and tanned patients could not be treated with a laser due to the high absorbency of light in the pigment of the skin.  Gemini's low absorption in pigment makes it an ideal and safe treatment, achieving outstanding results while maintaining the normal appearance of the skin.

Laser Peels
Laser energy removes the top most layer of skin. As the skin is regenerated, discoloration, wrinkles or other marks will be diminished or in many cases eliminated. Your medical practitioner can tailor the depth of the peel and recovery time to your individual needs by adjusting the laser power settings. Some patients choose to have fewer deep treatments with longer recovery times. Your individual needs should be discussed with your doctor prior to your peel.

Many facial conditions such as fine wrinkling around the eyelids, forehead, nose, and mouth can be smoothed with this simple process. Deep laugh and frown lines can be minimized. Even lingering effects of chicken pox, acne scars superficial pigmented lesions and other surface abnormalities can be successfully treated.

Eliminate Unwanted Leg Veins
* No downtime: Immediately return to normal activities.
* Safe: Fewer side effects than alternatives.
* Effective: Most veins will disappear immediately.
* Quick: In and out in under a hour.
* Who would be appropriate for treatment: Treatments are
   effective for most individuals including those with darker or
   tanned skin. Treatments work best on smaller veins. Consult with
   your physician to determine if your veins are appropriate for
* How Long Do Treatments Take? Leg veins sessions can take
   about 30 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area.
   While some patients cay be satisfied after just one treatment,
   two or more treatments may be needed to achieve desired
* How Long Do the Results Last? The appearance of existing veins
   will be diminished or completely eliminated. However, the
   development of new veins cannot be prevented. If your body has
   an underlying vascular problem, you may need additional
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